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Homemade chicken liver pâté 120 g with pickled green peppercorns and a drop of brandy, sourdough bread baked in a steam oven95 Kč
Traditional Czech beer cheese with onion and a Bavarian pretzel85 Kč
Pickled camembert - Sedlčany creamy camembert with onion in garlic oil, with piquant vegetables and crushed pepper85 Kč
Homemade pickled sausage - piquant pickled sausage with a pickle, hot pepper and onion85 Kč
Roasted Davle sausages in dark beer with onion and bell pepper125 Kč
Beef Tartare 150 g - finely scraped beef with an egg yolk and a variety of spices, slices of fried bread with garlic255 Kč
Homemade potato pancake fried in lard, coleslaw with horseradish95 Kč
Potato chips made of farmer's potatoes, served with bell pepper salsa85 Kč
Beef carpaccio 80 g - thin slices of beef tenderloin marinated in fresh basil and sea salt, served with capers, arugula and grated parmesan195 Kč
Salmon tartare with avocado mayonnaise 100 g - fresh Norwegian salmon, shallot, lemon juice, chives and toast 185 Kč
Baked goat cheese 120 g - with fresh herbs and homemade cranberry sauce, arugula and lamb's lettuce175 Kč
Potato soup - traditional soup with root vegetables, wild mushrooms and potatoes 65 Kč
Strong oxtail broth with liver dumplings, vegetables and homemade noodles69 Kč
Soup of the day
Caesar salad with chicken fillets, crispy bacon, romaine lettuce, parmesan, croutons and anchovy dressing195 Kč
Grilled vegetables with flank steak 120 g seared in a cast-iron pan - roasted bell peppers, zucchini, eggplant, red onion, mushrooms with arugula and thyme, yogurt-herb dressing 205 Kč
Goat cheese baked in a honey marinade with herbs and olive oil, torn lettuce with raspberry dressing195 Kč
Garlic roasted beef with leaf spinach and fried onions, homemade potato dumplings195Kč
Pilsen-style garlicky beef goulash garnished with onion and chili pepper, homemade bread dumplings195 Kč
Braised larded beef sirloin in a vegetable cream sauce served with wild cranberries, a slice of lemon and fresh whipped cream, homemade bread dumplings225 Kč
"Saltimbocca-style" beef roulade - roast beef of Czech origin filled with sausage, boiled egg, onion and pickle, homemade bread dumplings or jasmine rice225 Kč
Beef cheeks braised in red wine with roasted root vegetables and fresh herbs, whipped mashed potatoes255 Kč
Herb encrusted fried pork tenderloin with light potato salad and roasted lemon 225 Kč
All burgers are made of the best cuts of meat and served on homemade buns with steak fries
BPB Beef (Old School Style) with fresh red onion, cheddar, ketchup, mustard, tomato, lettuce and pickle (200 g)255 Kč
BPB Bacon - beef burger with crispy bacon, garlic mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato and crispy onion (200 g)255 Kč
Bone-in pork knuckle (approx. 1.5 kg) roasted until crispy, served on a spit, with sauerkraut, mustard and horseradish375 Kč
Barbecue pork ribs (500 g) with roasted corn on the cob, cheese sauce245 Kč
Roasted Buffalo-style chicken wings (500 g / 1000 g) with authentic coleslaw195 / 295 Kč
Salmon steak 200 g - skin-on Norwegian salmon with Provencal vegetables with fresh herbs and basil oil275 Kč
Flank steak 200 g - juicy beef flank steak with herb demi-glace and roasted bell peppers295 Kč
Pork tenderloin 200 g roasted in olive oil with beans with garlic butter and green peppercorn sauce275 Kč
Piglet chops 250 g - in a creamy ragout of portobello mushrooms, fresh herbs and green onion245 Kč
Spicy chicken strips 200 g with fresh vegetables, mushrooms and hot chili sauce245 Kč
Chicken breast 220 g - chicken breast with the skin and bone with roasted cherry tomatoes in basil butter with arugula255 Kč
Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino with chili peppers, garlic, shrimp, fresh parsley and parmesan 195 Kč
Tagliatelle with marinated beef slices, tomato juice, olive oil, garlic, chili pepper, parsley and parmesan shavings195 Kč
Apple strudel with nuts, raisins and vanilla sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar85 Kč
Homemade pancake with blueberry sauce and sour cream75 Kč
Boiled new potatoes with butter and parsley 45 Kč
Roast potatoes with caraway and thyme45 Kč
Whipped potato mash with butter45 Kč
French fries45 Kč
Homemade bread dumplings45 Kč
Homemade potato dumplings45 Kč
Light potato salad45Kč
Corn on the cob with butter45 Kč
Jasmine rice45 Kč
Bavarian pretzel35 Kč
Chopped fresh seasonal vegetables with dressing65 Kč
Vanilla 40 Kč
Strawberry 40 Kč
Chocolate 40 Kč
A wide range of drinks can be found in the drinks and wine list.


List of food allergens
subject to legislative labeling according to EU Directive 1169/11.
1. Cereals containing gluten and products made from them. 2. Crustaceans and products thereof. 3. Eggs and products thereof. 4. Fish and products thereof. 5. Groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof. 6. Soybeans (soya) and products thereof. 7. Milk and dairy products. 8. nuts and products made from them. 9. Celery and products thereof. 10. Mustard and products thereof. 11. Sesame seeds and products thereof. 12. Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations greater than 10 mg, ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2. 13. Lupin (Lupin) and products thereof. 14. Molluscs and products thereof.



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